Month: September 2016

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Cold Calling Tips

colding calling No one loves to make cold calls to prospects in network marketing or any business, but in any successful business venture, it is a safe bet that you will have to make them sooner or later. Most businesses just decide not to call the lead list out of fear of the unknown reaction they will get from the other end of the phone. By not calling that list, you are defeating the purpose of having a successful, money making business. Here are a few more cold calling tips to help you prepare for those calls.

Research Your Market.

One of the best cold calling tips is to do a little research on who is buying what you have to offer or who is looking for what you have to offer. In business and networking marketing, most people aren’t looking to BUY products; they are looking for the opportunity to make money and live the dream. Before you pick up that phone, you need to have a solution to their problem. By doing this research, you will alleviate a lot of that fear as you can go into your call with confidence that you can help that prospect. 

Giving Value.

Another one of the smarter cold calling tips would be to give your person something of value for their time. Giving value just seals the deal. A newsletter through email or maybe a training video or webinar would be of value. Remember, if you followed the first tip to know your market, you are probably targeting marketer network type of people. So even if they are not interested in your opportunity, they may be interested in learning from you and eventually gain interest in the future.


The next cold calling tip would be to be persistent. Imagine if you went to a doctor appointment and later that day you received a hang up from your doctor, and the doctor was not persistent in calling you back because they were afraid to call. First, you wouldn’t know they called you because they didn’t leave a message. Second, they were not persistent and never called you back with your diagnosis? If this was a diagnosis of cancer, wouldn’t you want them to leave a message to call them back? Granted we are not offering a message of bad news to our prospects, but the same concept applies when it comes to making that cold call. No one will ever know you called if you don’t leave a message and be persistent in contacting them back until you reach them. 

The Script.

The last of the cold calling tips would be to write out a few features and benefits of what you want to talk about to your prospects or maybe even some pointed questions you would like to get answers for so you know if they are a good fit for what you have to offer. If you have a line that works well for you, write it down and have it near in case you choke up. I would only use a scripted message in the case of leaving voicemails and are nervous or don’t remember some of the finer details because you don’t want to sound like you are talking to them like you are reading off a script.


Overall, if you research your market and practice your pitch, you will see that the most powerful tool you have is your confidence. The fear of cold calling can be easily conquered with a little practice and just by making the call.