Month: January 2017

Cold Call – Selling Digital Marketing Services

Cold Call Training with Grant Cardone in the Boiler Room

How To Promote Your Ebay Listings.

Starting an online business can be a scary decision to make. For most people, the thought of starting an online business where they sell items on eBay is virtually nonexistent. Those who actually sell on eBay and do it for a living know exactly how difficult it can be to sell their items on eBay. I wanted to share some of the best places to promote your items on eBay using social media. If you have never sold anything on eBay then I suggest you look up how to sell on eBay tutorials which are all over youtube. One of the first platforms you can use is Facebook. Facebook is great because you can great your own group and invite people to join. You could, for example, start a group on used clothing for sale in your local city and have people look at your listing and purchase them at their convenience. You can also start a twitter and follow people that would look to have an interest in the type of products you would be selling. I suggest you conduct some research as to the differences in crowds for each social media platform as it will help identifying the angle you will take to promote the products effectively. Instagram is going to be one of the best places to promote your products as the platform is centered around having posting pictures in which would be great for your eBay listings as you could post pictures of the items you are selling. You can also hashtag words so that they will show up in peoples newsfeeds hence creating more awareness. I would also look into Reddit as you can create sub reddits and have people comment on your posts and maybe you post a little bit about your start in selling on eBay and how you’ve turned your business into a profitable one that sells a particular set of items. People love stories on Reddit so that can be used to your advantage.

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