Symmetrics & Comways Announce European Partnership

19th June 2013 - Symmetrics Business Intelligence, a provider of real-time, historical and call-detail reporting and analysis solutions for contact centers, and Comways, a provider of integrated solutions for contact centers to optimize customer interactions with front-office and back-office systems, today announced a new partnership to deliver business intelligence (BI) solutions to contact centers in Europe.

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Under a new master partnership agreement, Comways will promote, implement, service and support Symmetrics’ flagship nVISION Contact Center Reporting & Analysis Suite. As a master partner, Comways will also be able to recruit and support value-added resellers (VARs) in local European markets to resell nVISION Suite. (Under the non-exclusive agreement, Symmetrics will continue supporting and selling through established distributors and VAR partners in the EU, while Comways can continue offering its own line of business intelligence software in addition to nVISION Suite.)

“When we at Symmetrics began looking for a partner who could do end-to-end implementation and service of our reporting and analysis software in the EU, we were seeking an established integrator who, like us, had roots in both business intelligence and contact centers,” says Richard McElroy, Symmetrics’ president and chief operating officer. “Comways quickly came to the fore on both counts. Their expertise in BI generally and depth of experience implementing BI solutions for contact centers specifically made them a natural partner to help Symmetrics expand nVISION Suite’s established install base in the EU.”

Comways managing partner David Azoulay says adding Symmetrics nVISION Suite to his company’s portfolio of contact center solutions will mean faster implementations of a broad and deep BI solution for customers. “We were looking for a BI software partner who understood the richness and complexity of contact center reporting,” Azoulay says. “Symmetrics quickly topped the list because nVISION Suite features a true data warehouse designed specifically for contact centers, and an impressive array of BI features for reporting on real-time, historical, and call-detail data. No other potential partner had an offering with that breadth and depth for contact center reporting with easy integration to the main CTI solutions, including Avaya, Altitude, Cisco, Genesys and others.”

Under this partnership, Comways will promote, service and support the entire nVISION Suite product line, including:
• nVISION Data Mart, which consolidates data from multiple contact center systems and applications and/or multiple call centers into a true data warehouse optimized for reporting and analytics.
• nVISION Reports, a library of standard and customizable reports, scorecards and dashboards to allow call center agents, supervisors and manager to make better decisions.
• nVISION Info Manager, an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based BI platform to design, access, schedule, manage and interact with all of a contact center’s relevant real-time, historical and call-detail data.
• nVISION Real Time, a framework that taps into multiple contact center systems’ native real-time interfaces and APIs to deliver mission-critical contact center metrics in true real-time.

About Symmetrics

At Symmetrics, we build, implement and support software that solves the problem of reporting and analyzing real-time, historical and call-detail data from any system or application found in your call center. We've been doing it for over 15 years, and we do it for call centers all over the world, big and small. What makes Symmetrics different? We take best practices from business intelligence and data warehousing and apply them to the specific domain of the contact center. Our solutions fit the unique reporting and analysis needs of our customers, no matter how many different systems, applications, or call center sites they have. For more information, please visit .

About BV

Comways provides contact centers with integrated solutions to optimize their customers’ interactions with the front-office and back-office. Comways is the provider of choice for contact center customers spanning multiple market segments, including utilities, retail, transportation, finance, and governmental institutions. Comways is committed to helping customers achieve their business goals by improving customer satisfaction, decreasing interaction costs, increasing visibility and monitoring capabilities, increasing the variety of self-service possibilities, and empowering their agents and supervisors in their mission-critical daily work. For more information, please visit .

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