Predictive Diallers more than just a telecommunications tool, says Tpad

26th January 2012 - Call centre businesses these days rely on predictive diallers to manage their calls, but Tpad’s version of the system is based on the company’s own SIP trunking technology. Tpad representative Simon Jones, the company’s Sales Director, explains the collaborative project by saying, “Although SIP technology is based mainly on the convergence of data and voice through Internet connectivity; we would like to explain that the use of SIP can indeed be expanded to suit the needs of clients."

SIP trunking is another advanced telecommunications solution offered by Tpad. Compared to VoIP, SIP trunking is more advanced. While VoIP offers only voice calls, SIP trunking uses the same Internet-based transmission to enable video calls, instant messaging, conference calls, and video conferencing.

This means it exploits all possible communication methods using a single system. Despite the greater amout of data handled by SIP gateways, they are still able to handle greater traffic at high speeds. Tpad CEO Tahir Mohsan explains the full impact of such a capable system on any business: “SIP trunking can be used with as few or as many users as necessary, ensuring maximum productivity and profitability."

On top of that, due to the use of the Internet instead of the traditional telephone-based connections, SIP technology makes international calls as affordable as local calls. This means that a predictive dialler running on SIP technology is highly capable yet is very cost-efficient.

However, based on the list of features offered by Tpad’s predictive dialler , the company’s latest offer to the call centre industry seems to be far more than a telecommunications tool as it offers expanded capabilities. The system also serves as a management control system, a reports generation system, and a call recording system. This is just part of the entire call centre package.

As Jones puts it, “There is real-time session management in the switching, bandwidth allocation, session management, session prioritization, interoperability to discuss with clients about, apart from cost savings."

On top of all these, Tpad’s latest venture also helps generate and manage leads for the call centre business. The system has the ability to remember all numbers it has dialled, when these calls were made, whether these calls were successfully converted into sales, whether the consumers asked to be called back, and other pertinent information regarding the call. The system also functions as a filter that can identify numbers that are already inactive. All bad numbers are detected and remembered, so that agents only spend time on good quality leads.

Tpad is highly confident about its predictive SIP dialler system designed for use in call and contact centre outsourcing firms. By enhancing the capabilities of such a system so that it would benefit every level in the organizational hierarchy, Tpad expects massive growth for its new offer within the year.

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