Calabrio Innovation Center opens for Advanced Contact Center Best Practices and Performance

16th July 2013 - Calabrio, Inc., a leading provider of contact center workforce optimization and analytics software, today announced the opening of the Calabrio Innovation Center, a state-of-the-art training and consulting center with services dedicated to the development of contact center best practices through teaching, sharing and collaboration between industry experts and a community of customers. With advanced learning tools and real-world contact center data, Calabrio Innovation Center participants receive hands-on experiences that go deep into key methodologies, technologies and forward-looking business practices that contact centers need in order to thrive in today’s market.

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The Calabrio User Group community will be the first to experience the facility, when a group of regional customers converge in Minneapolis, Minn., at Calabrio’s new downtown headquarters.

The Calabrio Innovation Center provides customers with a comprehensive array of training and consulting deliverables designed to educate, enable and empower customer service organizations. Executives, supervisors, managers and agents have access to the following types of programs:

Training Modules – A set of standardized training classes that are conducted at the Calabrio Innovation Center, which is located at Calabrio’s headquarters in Minneapolis. These classes are an economical alternative for contact center agents looking to brush up on their skills and increase their familiarity with Calabrio products. Led by a team of professional Calabrio trainers, participants will develop a strong foundation of the tools needed to be more efficient and provide the best customer service possible.
Workshops – Participants who sign up for a Calabrio Innovation Center workshop will capitalize on Calabrio’s breadth and depth of experience in the contact center environment. Workshops will focus on applying best practices in order to achieve optimal results as a result of implementing Calabrio ONE workforce optimization and analytics products.
In-depth Engagement Consultation –This program provides deep-dive analysis and recommendations for the customer based on the actual, live contact center environment. Consultation engagements will stress ways to continuously improve performance by leveraging new technologies, methodologies and other service techniques to drive the business forward.
E-learning Opportunities – This capability will provide remote, flexible learning access for contact center teams who need the necessary training but are unable to get away from the day-to-day operations of the contact center.
All programs and workshops offer opportunities to network with industry experts and with each other as a means to learn from experience, renew objectives and improve results.

“The Calabrio Innovation Center helps us identify and address critical success factors within our operations by giving our teams a flexible training program that maximizes the latest technology and business-transforming capabilities that Calabrio offers,” said Rob Murnane, responsible for quality and scheduling of the dealer support team at Polaris Industries, a recognized leader in the powersports industry. “This type of continuous education will make it easier for us to meet or exceed our productivity goals and help our contact center operate at optimal efficiency.”

“Innovation is about more than technology, it’s a way of continuously learning and improving to keep the customer service organization current, relevant and strategic to the business,” said Matt Matsui, vice president of product and marketing at Calabrio. “Through the Calabrio Innovation Center, customers can now tap into the Calabrio community of knowledge with access to seasoned consultants, experienced professional trainers, leading-edge development teams and the Calabrio partner network to achieve better business results.”

About Calabrio, Inc.

Calabrio, Inc. develops and markets Calabrio ONE®, a comprehensive suite of contact center workforce optimization software that’s easy to implement, use and maintain. Calabrio ONE includes call recording, quality assurance, workforce management, speech analytics, desktop analytics and performance-based dashboards and reporting. Calabrio ONE is flexible – providing product bundles and add-ons that make it easy for customers to begin with the right set of applications and features for their business today, then build on their success with new applications and features as their business matures and their needs evolve. Calabrio ONE is built on a modern Web 2.0-based architecture that allows the contact center to integrate new applications easily, as well as personalize and optimize the desktop toolset for each user – agents, supervisors, managers, knowledge workers, and executives. Calabrio is a member of the Cisco Developer Network (CDN), and a gold member of the Avaya DevConnect program. Find news and information at

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