P&O Ferries Sets Sail on the Voyage to Enhanced Customer Service

May 13, 2013 – P&O Ferries has upgraded to the latest version, version 7, of the Enghouse Interactive Workforce Management solution, powered by Teleopti: a move that will enable the leading ferry operator to deliver enhanced operational efficiency and improved customer service.

“We introduced  the Enghouse Interactive Workforce Management solution into our Contact Centre in 2006 and since then, not only have we significantly improved our ability to forecast call volumes and schedule our agents, but we’ve also been able to improve service levels, abandonment rates, attendance and attrition,” says Mark Hollingdale, Acting Head of Contact Centre, P&O Ferries.

Since implementing the solution, P&O Ferries has significantly reduced contact centre budgets, while maintaining targeted levels of customer service. This has exceeded projected estimates and headcount has been further optimised thanks to improved forecasting.

P&O Ferries is currently undertaking a complete overhaul of its telephony infrastructure. One of the few elements it decided to retain was Enghouse Interactive Workforce Management - a decision primarily based on positive user feedback.

“The new features in version 7 give users like P&O Ferries a dual benefit,” explains Martin Bird, regional managing director, Enghouse Interactive. “By empowering agents to make decisions themselves, P&O are helping them to feel connected to the business, which has a positive effect on staff morale and loyalty. And, by automating labour intensive manual processes they are also able to significantly increase supervisor productivity.”  
“The move to version 7 enables P&O Ferries to further develop its multi-channel contact strategy by incorporating applications like email handling and web chat into its scheduled activities and operational forecasts,” affirms Hollingdale

Additional highlights of version 7 include a real-time adherence capability, enabling P&O Ferries to check how it is performing against the schedule at any point and a holiday planner application that automates the process of requesting leave and frees up management time.

Hollingdale adds: “Version 7 will remove manual processes, saving time, as well as ensuring that regardless of how our customers choose to interact with us -by phone, email or chat - we will be able to provide a consistently high level of service to them by having the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.”

The latest version also contains a module called Agent Schedule Messenger, an instant message store, enabling agents to send messages and requests directly to the agent desktops. In addition, a new shift trader feature allows agents to take responsibility for swapping shifts with colleagues, without incurring a significant management overhead.    

“Effective workforce management is key to the success of any contact centre strategy,” explains Bird. “The biggest cost in any contact centre are the agents but the next biggest can be failing to staff the centre properly and customers defecting as a result. You need to strike the right balance between agent numbers and meeting your service level commitments and customer demands. Enghouse Interactive Workforce Management allows contact centre managers to strike that balance.”
Enghouse Interactive is providing P&O Ferries with professional services and technical support to help streamline the move to version 7.

Hollingdale concludes: “we’ve been very pleased with the Enghouse Interactive team’s responsiveness to any issues we’ve had and we’ve also been delighted with the high-quality support they have consistently offered. I would recommend their workforce management solution to any contact centre looking to reduce costs while improving service.”     
About P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries is a leading ferry company with award-winning services linking the UK with, France, Belgium, Holland and Ireland. It operates a fleet of more than 20 ships, ranging from the largest cruise ferries ever built, to dedicated freight ships. Each year, it carries close to nine million passengers across all of its routes, in addition to two million freight units and 1.7 million tourist vehicles. Learn more at http://www.poferries.com/

About Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive delivers technology and expertise to maximise the value of every customer interaction. The Company develops the most comprehensive portfolio of interaction management solutions.  Core technologies include contact center, attendant console, IVR and call recording solutions that support any telephony environment, on-premise or in the cloud.  Enghouse Interactive has thousands of customers worldwide, supported by a global network of partners and more than 700 dedicated staff across the company’s international operations.

Enghouse Interactive is a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited, a software and services company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol "ESL." Founded in 1984, Enghouse Systems is a consistently profitable company, which has grown both organically and through the acquisition of well-regarded specialists including Arc, CosmoCom, Datapulse, Syntellect, Telrex, Trio and Zeacom. Learn more at www.enghouseinteractive.com.

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