How To Sell Anxiety Relief Without Cold Calling


Let’s say you want to quit your job because you are tired of working for someone else and you have developed a method to help people reduce anxiety and overcome depression. Maybe you’ve read some books or material on how to overcome depression and or on how to stop anxiety dead in it’s tracks and you want share it with as many people as you can to give back to those less fortunate. You must first find out the exact people who suffer from these symptoms so you can direct your message exactly to those in need of you services. You don’t want to market to the masses and hope that some people will bite because you will be wasting your money.

After you find your list you should market to them using direct mail such as “lumpy mail” which items that stand out from original letters that come into the mail. It will stand out from the rest and create curiosity in your prospect in which will get them to open your package. You can also setup a website and send paid traffic to your site with a free eBook or information package for them submitting their name, email and phone number.

After you get people reaching back out to you that are interested, you need to get them on the phone and find out why they are experiencing these symptoms. You need to take the role of a consultant and ask questions that get them to spill their guts so to speak on why they feel this way. They may not know consciously however they do no at a sub conscious level and you need to direct your questions so that each question you ask digs deeper into their problem so that you can find the root cause and position you product as the one and only solution to their pain.

You don’t need to cold call people to have success in this arena. You need to create some sort of awareness about your services and have people reach out to you then sell them as to why you are the only solution to overcoming their pain.