How To Sell Athletic Training Over The Phone


Are you an athletic trainer or basketball coach that would like to get more clients? Are you losing business to your competition because they have better phone sales skills than you? If you said yes to any of these then you know that marketing your message properly to your athletes and having a funnel where you can bring them on and get them on the phone and sell them properly is your best asset. Athletes want to improve their game which in turn will allow them to be recognized by their peers, coaches, and scouts. There are several reasons as to why an athlete would be looking for an athletic coach and it’s up to you to find out exactly why it is they want to accomplish.

Finding Your Clients Why

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, finding out what drives your client will help you close the deal on the phone. Let’s say you started with “hey John why is it that you reached out to me today?” This allows you to find out the true motive of your client to find their criteria. After you find out their why then dig deeper by asking them what’s important about getting what they just said. I would take this at least 3 levels deep so you can get to the core of exactly what it is they want. They may initially say “I want to improve my game.” Then you dig deeper and find out that improving their game is important to them because they will get recognized and feel like they are appreciated by their teammates and will also get them attention from females.

Let’s say along with your coaching services you up sold your client to the best vertical jump program in the market by Adam Folker. If you are unaware of the program you can google vert shock review and get a long list of testimonials from athletes all around the world showing how they were able to improve their athletic performance and specifically their vertical jump. This is a great way to add to your packages and increases your revenue.

In order for you to be effective selling your services over the phone, you must get their why, their criteria. After you get that information, you position yourself and or services as the only way to get them those results.