Why SEO Is Important For Small Businesses


SEO is becoming a vital part of business success in today’s business marketplace. Gone are the days where you can setup a store in you local area and get your business off the ground. You must have an online presence to be able to reach customer all over the world that wouldn’t be able to do with having a local brick and mortar store. ┬áMost local businesses are experts in their given industries and often times do not know where to even start with Search Engine Optimization. They will often get intimated because of how technical it can get and not only that, they will get a flood of phone calls from people in India or others trying to sell them SEO services for dirt cheap. This is why the SEO industry gets a negative rap because of unskilled SEO’s claiming to be experts who are doing more harm than good to the business owner.

If an SEO agency presents you with a package to rank your website for anything less that $1000 a month then I would be highly concerned with their services. The best search engine optimization companies will start their campaigns at $1000+ per month and go up from there. It all depends on what you are looking to accomplish. Even though the $500 a month SEO services plan may sound like a great deal and you may see results in the short term, in the long run it will do more harm than good and your site risks the potential of being penalized from google and removed from the search results.

SEO is important for all small businesses to not only sell all around the world however to be able to compete effectively in their marketplace. SEO allows your website to be found on the organic search rankings for your particular keyword. So if you somebody searches for your services + city then you must show up on the first page within the first 5 results in order for SEO to be effective. There are other methods such as googles ad-words pay per click model however those do not receive as much traffic and you have to pay for each click which doesn’t even guarantee you will get a purchase or a lead.

SEO should be an additional marketing channel that all businesses should be using and hiring the right SEO company should be at the top of their list. Local businesses can 10X their growth simply by implementing SEO on their site which will allow them to be found by their potential customers immediately.