How To Start An Import Business From Home


How would you like to start your own business and stop working for someone else? What if you could live the life you’ve always dreamed of? Will you can by starting an importing business straight from home. If you decide to start an import business then it’s very important that you make a commitment to stick with it. Through your journey, it will be very easy for you to get distracted and get what we call “shiny object syndrome” where you jump onto the next business because it is the latest and greatest. Your mindset is what is going to help you along the way so it is very important for you to keep a healthy positive mindset that is going to help you overcome the many obstacles that are inevitably going to happen. Obstacles are necessary for growth.

Where To Find Products?

When beginning your search for finding potential products to sell, you should start searching on eBay and Amazon so you can get an idea of what is selling. Amazon best sellers section is a great place to see what are the best selling items in any given niche. The next step after you identified some products you would like to sell is to get some product samples from a supplier in china. Alibaba is the largest business to business marketplace in world and is where you should begin your search for suppliers. I would suggest you google alibaba reviews to get an idea of what others have experienced working with manufactures in china. Once you have identified a few suppliers, you want to get them to send you some free samples and you pay the shipping. You want to shoot for about 3-5 samples from each vendor so you can gauge the quality and compare each vendors quality. Then list them on eBay with an auction timeline of 5 days and see what the market will pay for that item. It is best that you start off on eBay and then transition onto Amazon because they have more strict guidelines you need to follow and you can get banned very quickly. If you are interested in learning more about ebay and would like to find out how to become a top rated seller on ebay then head on over to the ebay website and read through their literature.